New Leadership at Crabanero

Cory Zheng, President
Cory Zheng, President

Crabanero LLC of Longneck, Delaware, know for Crabanero Brand Hot Sauce, “the Original Bay Seasoned Habanero Sauce”, will soon be under the leadership of Cory Zheng.

Ms. Zheng of Singapore, will  before the end of July, re-release Crabanero brand hot sauce, Lucky Oyster hot sauce and will eventually re-release Crabanero Bay Seasoning along several new products and Brands.

Ms. Zheng is currently setting up basic administrative assets, phone and email etc...


Cory can be reached by email at


Ms. Zheng would like to thank former owner Chuck Parkhill for guiding and developing such a great product in Crabanero Brand hot sauce and taking the product as far as he could before his "passing".

A formal press release and a full biography of Ms. Cory Zheng  will be released several weeks before Crabanero product release.


Cory Zheng
Cory Zheng

Meet Cory Zheng 


Cory Zheng graduate of the prestigious Singapore Management University, with emphasis on international business studies, with brief stints in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Main Land China.


Ms. Zheng came to the states to study Eastern Shore Golf courses and amenities for development of select Southeast Asian resort properties.


Ms. Zheng will now apply her unique business approach to, after meeting previous owner Charles Parkhill, before passing and becoming a particular fan of “Lucky Oyster hot sauce”, a property.


Ms. Zheng approached and negotiated a deal for, with a food processing company in Jiangsu Provence, China.


The deal eventually fell through, with Ms. Zheng collecting a stipend from the Chinese company for further development of the Crabanero product lines with particular interest in the development of the Crabanero for entree into certain Southeastern Asian markets  and assessing Crabanero products for broader Asian markets.

Crabanero planning Re-released July 2017

Crabanero brand hot sauce and Crabanero Bay seasoning
Crabanero brand hot sauce and Crabanero Bay seasoning

For more information regarding Crabanero re-release, wholesale or distributor information, contact Cory.

Cory will get back to as quickly as possible.

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Crabanero premium brand hot sauce, lends itself well to all sorts of foods, but Crabanero really shines on, you guessed it, crab. 

Use Crabanero in crab, crawfish or shrimp boils, on crab cake, fried fish or oyster sandwiches. 

Use Crabanero to accentuate your favorite seafood sauces, cocktail, remoulade or tartar.

Naturally Crabanero is great on all types of raw shellfish, you will flip over Crabanero splashed on raw oysters, with a touch of cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon. 

That Crabanero bay flavor makes this hot sauce a perfect addition in all sorts of recipes.

Try this one on for size, Crabanero makes a great hot wing sauce and don't forget to season your wings with our Crabanero Bay Seasoning.


Have fun!



Ingredients: Habanero peppers, vinegar,

Bay seasoning, lemon and sea salt. 


Crabanero, the premium brand hot sauce of choice for the Mid-Atlantic regions finest restaurants for over a decade.


A great gift starts with great taste!

Crabanero™Bay Seasoned Hot Sauce makes a great host/

hostess gift or corporate gifts.

Crabanero, Crabanero Bay Seasoning and CraBBq, Crabanero product line.
The Crabanero "Big-3"

Recent News

Lobster Cakes with Crabanero hot sauce

Lobster Cakes Crabanero hot sauce
Lobster Cakes with Crabanero hot sauce



This tasty lobster cake recipe was sent us by Denise Graves of Meads Bay Anguilla.


She suggests serving them with lemon or lime wedges, Crabanero, Reggae music and a rum drink.


Your gonna have a hard time arguing with that.


Thanks Denise,





Hi Charles,

This is adapted from At Blanchard’s Table.  Bob and Melinda own the terrific restaurants Blanchard's and Blanchard's Beach Shack on Meads Bay.
Lobster Cakes
3 TBS unsalted butter
3/4 C flour
2 C 2% milk
1 lb cooked Caribbean lobster (Maine lobster or crab) coarsely chopped
1 1/2 C red pepper diced and patted dry
1/4 C scallions thinly sliced 
1/2 tsp Crabanero 
1 1/2 C fresh bread crumbs  (more if the mixture seems too wet)
S & P
Lemon or lime and Crabanero for serving 
Heat butter over low heat. Add flour gradually and cook 2 minutes whisking constantly. Add milk 1/2 cup at a time whisking to avoid lumps. Whisk will simmering for about 5 minutes until thick and smooth. Remove from heat and set aside. 
In a bowl combine all ingredients except bread crumbs. Add the milk mixture and 1 cup bread crumbs (more if needed). Mix well cool to room temperature. Shape into 2 inch balls and flatten slightly to about 3/4 inch thick. Coat with remaining crumbs on both sides.
Heat equal amounts of butter and oil and sauté over medium heat until golden brown.
Serve with lemon wedges and additional Crabanero. 
Makes about 20 appetizers (the uncooked lobster cakes freeze well)
Play some Reggae music, have a rum drink of your choice and enjoy!
Denise Graves
Isle of Anguilla

Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce

Lucky Oyster hot sauce, martini glass, shaker
Lucky Oyster hot sauce shipping right now...

Though created specifically for raw clams and oysters, you'll find yourself using Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce for so much more than it's intended use (which is second to none).


A Profile in Flavor
Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce is hot, but not too hot, it also has undertones of Bay and lemon with just a touch of horseradish.


Ingredients; Habanero, Water, Vinegar, Bay Seasoning, Horseradish, Lemon, Mustard, Sea salt,  citric acid, Garlic, Xanthan Gum






As always feel free to share with us on Facebook and Twitter, just how you us Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce.





Makes a great Bloody Mary...


Fill a glass with ice, add about a tablespoon of Lucky Oyster hot sauce, pour a measure of your favorite vodka, fill glass with a good quality tomato juice, I like Sacramento brand.


Shake, garnish with a celery rib and a lime or lemon wedge and serve.





Crabanero MD Crab Soup


~Cory Zheng