Crabanero MD Crab Soup

A hearty pot of traditional Maryland crab soup
A hearty pot of traditional Maryland crab soup

Our Crabanero MD Crab soup recipe follows the traditional Maryland soup recipe, a recipe that should take its cue from the bounty of seasonal fresh DelMarVa produce available at your favorite produce stand.


For me I tend to prefer these types of soups or chowders in the fall when the air just starts to turn crisp,I don’t know maybe at the end of a day spent raking up leaves, a piping hot bowl of crab soup and a good roll slathered with butter.


I prefer DE sweet corn and tomatoes because thats what I am blessed to have either in my garden or within a few miles from my home.


According to the Old Bay web site ‘A mix of hearty vegetables and fresh lump crabmeat, Maryland Crab Soup reminds us of meals in mom's kitchen, with the smell of steaming crabs and bay seasoning in the air.’ 


This being a regional recipe the basics of which appears to be at its core a beef and tomato based  soup with potatoes and a bag or two of mixed frozen vegetables with some fresh or pasteurized crab.


 I have seen many recipes for Maryland crab soup, that are all pretty similar, that said I am pretty certain of  the genus of this soup , you have a coastal people with a bunch of crabs, fresh corn, tomatoes and soup vegetables, it’s really not to difficult to connect the dots. What is not clear, is what the actual history of the soup is.


 I’m fairly certain that every Mom, Aunt and restauranteur in the state of Maryland can lay claim to making the  “ best Maryland Crab Soup” , and I am sure there is a restaurant or two in the state that even go so far as to lay claim to the ”original or home of Maryland Crab soup.”  I know, that with very few exceptions, every restaurant in the state has a version of “Maryland Crab Soup”, I have actually even seen it offered on gas station menu in the state Maryland, being a bit of a sport, I figure "sure why not", and was very surprised at just how good it was, my conclusion...


Maryland is a state that takes its crab soup very seriously.


So, to pay Maryland crab soup its proper homage, we at the Crabanero kitchens, have started this classic soup completely from scratch and using totally local and fresh produce and crabs, and have come up with a really goood!.. Maryland crab soup recipe.


The flavor profile of our Crabanero MD Crab Soup is as stated; fresh, clean and full of crab flavor, that flavor is then heightened by the addition of 12 ounces of Rolling Rock(RR is what I drink when I want a real beer and works really well in this recipe, micro brews may tend to be a bit too hop heavy and bitter and contrary to popular marketing/belief, don't drink well with very many foods, though they do work loads better as an ingredient in many recipes... just not this one.-C, we do have a chili recipe in the Fall that calls for Sierra Nevada Pale ale, sign up for the CQ newsletter today, 'top right corner of site'.) The spice that brings this recipe all the way home is just the right amount of spicy flavor provided by Crabanero brand hot sauce.


If you have any questions about the Crabanero MD crab soup recipe, I will reply to any comments you leave below.


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