Crabanero... What is it?

Crabanero... What is it?



I had someone e-mail me the other day asking me of Crabanero...


"Your hot sauce Crabanero, Does it have Crab in it?"



Here are a few more of the most 




"Frequently Asked Crabanero Questions";


"What is Crabanero?"


Crabanero brand hot sauce label.

-Crabanero is the "Original Old Bay Seasoned habanero Sauce" est. 1996.

We developed our own bay seasoning and have, as of just last year, switched from Old Bay to Crabanero Bay Seasoning with out suffering "New Coke Syndrome."

Crabanero Bay Seasoning label

Crabanero is;

  • A blend of fresh and dry habanero and tabasco chile's
  • Cider vinegar
  • Crabanero Bay Seasoning
  • Spring water
  • Spices
  • Lemon extract
  • Xanthan Gum (available at any fine health food store)
  • Pure salt
  • Citric acid (sour salt)



OL' Bay + Habanero = CRABANERO

(get it?)

80 gallons of Crabanero on the "micro brew."

-Micro brewed and bottled in small batches for consistency and quality.

Red habanero and tabasco mash.


-Crabanero uses 100% organically sourced USA ingredients.


Crabanero bottling line in Reading.

-Crabanero is a small batch processed "micro brew" hot sauce.


"Where is Crabanero Made?"


-Crabanero is currently "micro brewed" and bottled in small quality controlled batches in Reading Pennsylvania and is working on a small manufacturing facility on the Delmarva Peninsula, providing desperately needed manufacturing jobs to the region.


What is Crabanero best on?


-Created for crab and shellfish, Crabanero also lends itself well to all sorts of other foods such as; Asian foods and wings. Use in crab and shrimp boils, on crab cake or fried fish sandwiches and naturally Crabanero is great on all sorts of raw or steamed shellfish and grilled seafood. 


Have fun!


-Anything you eat with hot sauce, you should eat with Crabanero.


- For recipes and more please visit


Crabanero Cocktail



"When was Crabanero conceived?"


-Created by Charles Parkhill, on Long Beach Island, N.J. in 1994 while searching for a the best Bloody Mary. Crabanero Bloody Mary Recipe


-Parkhill is the President of Philly Chili Co est. 1996. Philly Chili Co. incorporated in 2001.


Delaware Today article "A Hot Commodity" photo


"How can I get some Crabanero?"

Shop Crabanero Products at;


Any other questions?


Feel free to ask below.







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