Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce

Lucky Oyster hot sauce, martini glass, shaker
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Though created specifically for raw clams and oysters, you'll find yourself using Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce for so much more than it's intended use (which is second to none).


A Profile in Flavor
Lucky Oyster Hot Sauce is hot, but not too hot, it also has undertones of Bay and lemon with just a touch of horseradish.


Ingredients; Habanero, Water, Vinegar, Bay Seasoning, Horseradish, Lemon, Mustard, Sea salt,  citric acid, Garlic, Xanthan Gum






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Makes a great Bloody Mary...


Fill a glass with ice, add about a tablespoon of Lucky Oyster hot sauce, pour a measure of your favorite vodka, fill glass with a good quality tomato juice, I like Sacramento brand.


Shake, garnish with a celery rib and a lime or lemon wedge and serve.