CRABANERO “The Original Bay seasoned hot sauce." since 1996

Crabanero and Crabanero Bay Seasoning
Crabanero and Crabanero Bay Seasoning



In 1996 Crabanero Brand Hot Sauce was first  hot sauce to use Old Bay seasoning, blended with our proprietary Philly Chili Co. habanero sauce recipe.

We start by locally sourcing our 100%all natural ingredients then blending  habanero and tabasco peppers, spring water, cider vinegar, sea salt and a touch of lemon. 

We then add Old Bay Seasoning,blending it in 60 gallon, hand crafted batches, for both quality control and to capture perfectly that “Bay seasoning  flavor”  which is the very essence of Crabanero brand hot sauce, that's why Crabanero is the premier hot sauce chosen by many, of the Mid-Atlantic’s finest crab and seafood restaurants, specialty food shoppes and grocery stores.


Bay seasoning + Habanero = Crabanero


Crabanero Flavor Profile


Crabanero uses less vinegar and salt than the national brands, so while Crabanero has an outwardly briny flavor that is overwhelmingly compatible with seafood, particularly crab and shell fish, Crabanero tends not to be vinegary or salty, that’s due to our Crabanero emulsification process (patent pending), "the process” rounds off the the vinegar which in turn heightens the “Bay season flavor” , that gives you a perfect heat register, great balance, and  perfect little kiss of lemon, that gives you that one of a kind Crabanero flavor.

Crabanero born in the cradle of liberty

Crabanero, the premium brand hot sauce of the Mid-Atlantic region is  soley owned subsidiary  of the Philly Chili Co. a privately owned company, founded in suburban Philadelphia, incorporated in the state of Delaware.

All of our products are manufactured at Palace Foods inc. in Reading, PA.. Crabanero inc. is based in the coastal town of Long Neck, DelMarVa.


"Crabanero, your gonna' eat it on just about everything!" -C


100% Natural Ingredients

Crabanero is;

  • A blend of fresh and dry habanero and tabasco chile's
  • Cider vinegar
  • Crabanero Bay Seasoning
  • Spring water
  • Spices
  • Lemon extract
  • Xanthan Gum (available at any fine health food store)
  • Pure salt
  • Citric acid (sour salt)